The Role of Human Resource Management in Management



Introduction to Human Resource Management


Each organization either the large organization, or the smaller organization uses a variety of capital so that the business can work effectively, and efficiently as the capital may include cash, or goods to effectively generate income for the business all companies have people to make their capital to effectively work for them. Human resource management (HRM) is the process of employing people, properly training them, and also compensating them, and developing policies, and also strategies to retain the employees in the organization for a longer time. Human resource management has gone through various changes over the last 20 years which have its more important role in today’s organization. Human resource management mainly involves all the managerial decisions, relevant policies, and effective practices that directly influence the human resource as this is the process of acquisition, development, motivation and proper maintenance of the human resources. If you are student of HRM so you can get hrm assignment help online easily.


HRM is mainly concerned with the major dimensions of people in the management as each organization is made up of people who acquire the services, develop their skills, and always keep them motivated to a high level of performance, and effectively ensuring that people continue to maintain their commitment to the organization that is so much essential for achieving all the objectives of the organization.


The role of Human resource management in Management


The major roles of the human resource management in the management are mainly described as follows:




The management needs people to effectively perform the major tasks and to get work done in the organization as even with having various types of machinery the humans are still needed in the management so that they could perform the major functions accordingly so one of the major tasks in HRM is the staffing which involves the entire process of hiring and posting of a job, and after hiring people in the organization properly give training to them so that they can perform their duties better, and help the management to achieve its set target goals.

Development of workplace policies



Each organization has its rules, and policies to get ensure fairness, and perform continuing within the organization. Mainly in the development of policies the HRM, and the management, as well as the executives, are involved in the process. The HR department cannot work alone, so they need the support of human resources to perform duties in the management organization. For this, the policies of management are developed so that based on which the activities could be performed accordingly, some of the workplace policies are like as vacation time policy, ethics policy, internet usage policy, discipline process policy, etc.


Compensation, and the benefits administration


The human resource management professionals have their need to determine whether the compensation is not fair, and which meets the standards of the industry that is high enough to entire all people to effectively work for the organization. The compensation mainly includes anything which the employee receives for his or her work. The HRM professionals generally need to make sure that the pay is effective, and comparable to what other people get to perform the same jobs that are effectively paid for. Employee compensation includes the following things such as health benefits, bonuses, sick leave, vacation time, and stock purchase plans.


Finance, and human resource management


The personnel department of the firm gets bears the responsibility of recruitment, proper training, and placement of the staff members. The requirements of manpower for the various departments of the firm, and also the finance department is mainly concerned with the welfare of employees, and their families. Several effective decisions are to be taken from time to time, and all those decisions are mainly of two types as such decisions either may be compulsive that is under some legislative provisions, and that could be either discretionary. Each organization is effectively required to accurately make a plan, properly monitor, and control their finances if they want to achieve success for the management, and also maintain it progressively. For this, the employees of the organization should have a clear knowledge, and understanding of both accounting (accounting assignment help), and finance (finance assignment help).


Production, and Operation


The production, as well as the operations management, is mainly related to the major functions such as scoping, effective planning, direction, and control facilities as also people required to transform their resources into the products, and services. The principles of production and operations management are used in each industry and environment, and all organizations are needed to carry out the major functions of planning, scheduling, equipment operation, and better-quality control.



Protection of Worker


The safety is the major consideration in all organizations, and so often the safety, and protection-related laws are created in the organization to set federal or the state standards to effectively ensure the safety of the workers as both the unions and the union contracts may impact the requirements for the worker safety in a particular workplace.

It is one for the human resource manager to effectively get aware of the worker protection-related major requirements and must ensure that the workplace meets both the federal and the union major standards. The worker protection issues may include the following things such as chemical hazards, the heating, and the ventilation requirements, and the protection of private employee information.



Training, and Development


Once, the user spent time hiring the new employees, they want to make ensure that they get trained properly so that they could perform their jobs better, and with this, they could also continue to grow as well as get develop their new skills in their job that results in the higher productivity for the organization. Training is a major component of employee motivation. The training programs should include the following as the activities that are performed with team building, training for job skills, training on communication, and the policy, and legal training such as the sexual harassment, and training for ethics.


Effectively dealing with the laws that affect employment


The human resource people must be aware of all laws which may impact the workplace as some of the laws are discrimination laws, worker safety laws, labor laws, compensation requirements, and healthcare requirements. The legal environment of human resource management is always getting changing so, the HRM must be aware of all the major changes that are taking place, and should effectively communicate about all those changes to the management organization.


To sum it up…


Human resource management has undergone numerous changes in the last 20 years, and it now plays a larger role in today’s organizations. Human resource management entails all managerial choices as well as associated policies. HRM is primarily concerned with the major dimensions of people in management because each organization is made up of people who acquire services, develop their skills, and consistently keep them motivated to achieve high levels of performance, as well as effectively ensuring that people maintain their commitment to the organization.



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